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Costa Rica La Playa FW (SCA: 83,25)

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Koffie en thee sinds 1864
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Costa Rica La Playa FW

Wat is Specialty koffie?
Ongeveer 1% van de wereldproductie van koffie is specialty coffee. Wanneer de gecupte koffie in totaal 80 punten of meer behaalt, mag deze de naam Specialty Coffee dragen. Van 90 tot en met 94 punten heet het Premium Specialty en bij 95 tot en met 100 punten is het Super Premium Specialty.

Score Kwaliteit Waardering
90 – 100 Outstanding Specialty
85 – 89,99 Excellent Specialty
80 – 84,99 Very good Specialty
< 80 Below special qualitiy Not Specialty
ORIGIN Costa Rica
REGION Tarrazu
FARM Various
VARIETY Catuai, Caturra
ALTITUDE 1150 – 1700 m.
ROAST Medium+
PROCESS Fully Washed
FLAVOR Apple, Chocolate, Almonds
ZETADVIES Espresso (Percolator, Mokapot, Volauto.)

Meer info over deze koffie:

Tarrazu, Costa Rica, is a region known for its high altitudes and superb quality coee. La Playa means ‘beach’ in Spanish. What’s the connection? While it may seem somewhat incongruous to conjure ocean vibes when talking about coffee production, in this case, ‘La Playa’ refers to a popular local hangout, on the shores of a nearby riverbank where families from the surrounding community spend their free time.

La Playa was conceived with the cool Costa Rican vibe in mind. Easygoing and laidback, this coffee plays out well as an accessible single-origin choice for filter and espresso, or as a base for refined blends. Expect to find apple, chocolate and almonds in this coffee, with a fresh herbal touch.

Costa Rica coffee law – every farmer, every grower needs to sell to a mill and a mill by law needs to sell to an exporter. Small farmers such as those contributing to La Playa often only produce 10 bags of coffee a year. The Coffee Institute oversees every transaction and they have established how much each player can profit. About 82% (slight variations from year to year) of the FOB price goes to the producer.

La Playa is processed at Palmichal Micromill, an important partner for many specialty coffee producers in the Palmichal, Puriscal, Tarrazu and Frailes micro-regions in Costa Rica. Located in Palmichal, Costa Rica, the micro-mill began in the 2015- 2016 harvest with 30 participating farmers participating.

The mill strives to serve farmers who grow unique coees and quality-conscious importers & micro-roasters. They process cherry using meticulous quality-focused processing techniques. Their small-scale, artisanal model enables them to match coffees from smallholder farmers to roasters with specific quality and process requirements all while maintaining economic and physical traceability.

The majority of farmers contributing to this lot farm small plots of land of under one hectare. They cultivate mainly Caturra and Catuai at altitudes of 1,150 to 1,700 meters above sea level.

Cherry is selectively handpicked and delivered to Palmichal micro mill. Cherry is mechanically demucilaged to conserve water and lower the mill’s environmental impact. Then, parchment is dried in mechanical dryers that are temperature regulated by careful electric control systems that ensure a slow, even dry.

Costa Rican coees are more expensive but they have a much lower impact on the environment. A mill that’s not properly regulated is really bad for the water. Wastewater is highly corrosive and will kill bigger animals and microorganisms all the way to the ocean and contribute to coral reef bleaching.

The water treatment system at Palmichal is cutting edge. Water use is very regulated and one of Palmichal’s commitments is to clean the water properly and making sure their environmental impact is minimal.

The mill has 23 solar panels generating 5.0 kWp. Due to its modular setup, the project can continue growing easily each year. The mill’s nursery has 330,000 plants and is looking to continue growing, making it one of the largest coee nurseries in the county. The Palmichal nursery sells the plants to producers at cost. It also allows farmers to finance their future crops.


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